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 The Department of Design & Decoration:  Ms Afsaneh Yaghoubi, The interior designer and interior decorator, office decoration, kitchen decoration, exhibition booth, home theater, etc. is proud to use contemporary art and to design and take into account the taste and interest of customers as well as creativity and innovation, optimizing the available space. Decomaan, Design and Decoration Department, has always tried to understand the needs and priorities of customer at first in order to create a new space exactly on the basis of the desired plan, pleasant and practical. Our experts in the Decomaan design and decoration group are ready to make an appropriate connection between knowledge and experience in decoration, creativity and technology. Decomaan Group is also proud to offer its customers the most suitable products in the global marketplace by communicating and cooperating with reputable American and European brands, and present their designs that are in accordance with...

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Exhibition stands design

Firms are present at exhibitions for various reasons whether they use exhibition stands or exhibit booths without any operation. All of these companies are present at the exhibition with the ultimate goal of acquiring more opportunities for the production and supply of products or services in the community and ultimately expanding their share of the […]

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Professional advice

You can get advice from us in the field of construction and reconstruction of the home as well as interior decoration and … Iran – Mashhad – Hafezia 13 – No. 61 09153017101 decorationmaan@gmail.com

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Home remodeling

By changing the needs of the family and also the need for maintenance of a building, reconstruction or renovation, sometimes reconstruction is carried out without taking into account all the needs and costs of the whole project, as well as the lack of appropriate planning, which makes these mistakes, injuries and casualties Financially and also […]

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Interior decoration

According to the meaning of the Oxford Dictionary, the interior decoration is “synchronization designed to make the colors, furniture, and other objects in an artistic room or building”. Then, with all of us, when the house Thinking about the best layout of our home furnishings, we will take on the role of an interior decorator. […]

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